An explanation of Membership

Membership of Calpe Christian Fellowship is open to anyone who publicly professes repentance towards God and faith in and obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ and who wish to serve and worship within this church.

Full Membership
Full membership is open to those who want to see CCF as their home church. Such persons will regard Spain as their primary place of residence and thus will be resident under Spanish law. (cf Romans 13:1)

Associate Membership
Associate membership is for those people who are committed to CCF and want to play as full a part as possible in the life of the church, but do not regard it as their home church. In practice this will usually be because the person does not reside in Calpe for the majority of the year.

The differences
In practical terms, there is no significant distinction between associate membership and full membership. The only differences concern voting rights and application procedure. With regard to voting rights, the leadership team take the view that the vast majority of the decisions brought before church meetings are, and will be, decided on the basis of consensus. (For simplicity, this may require a show of hands.) However, very occasionally the church will be faced with a major decision. In such rare instances, which will normally require a secret ballot, associate members will be able to contribute fully to any discussion but will be excluded from the actual ballot. The reason being that such decisions require not only thought and prayer but knowledge and experience of the church week by week.

Application procedure
Persons can apply for membership by speaking to the Pastor or one of the Elders who will then arrange an appropriate interview usually with one or more of the leadership team. Then, assuming no issues arise they will be asked to share with the church in some appropriate form their testimony of how they became a Christian and that Jesus is their personal Lord and Saviour, and finally, be formally welcomed.

Persons can apply for associate membership in one of two ways:
When they are present in Calpe they can ask for associate membership in the same way a person applies for membership. Or alternatively – usually because the person does not anticipate being present in Calpe for the foreseeable future – an individual may apply for associate membership in writing or by email. The person will then be sent a few questions requiring a brief response.

Statement of Faith
CCF is a member of the Federation of Evangelical Churches of Spain (FEREDE). We also subscribe to the Evangelical Alliance statement of faith.By applying for membership or associate membership, a person implicitly confirms that they are in agreement with the Evangelical Alliance statement of faith. (for a copy of the Evangelical Alliance statement of faith click on the eauk link on our ‘useful links’ page of our website)

The Covenant Responsibilities of Church Membership
We also ask persons applying for membership or associate membership to recognise that there are responsibilities associated with membership and to affirm their commitment to the following twelve point covenant.

Our desire is to honour God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and to be guided by the Holy Spirit and in this respect we seek together:

1. To discover and obey the Will of God for our individual and corporate life within the Church.
2. To serve and witness in thought, word and deed to the redeeming and transforming power of Christ.
3. To depend upon the Holy Spirit’s guidance in everything we do to the Glory of God.
4. To love the Lord and our fellow believers.
5. To spend some time each day in prayer and meditation on God’s Word.
6. In times of disagreement with others to seek counsel from the Elders to encourage healing.
7. In the organised work, service and witness of the Church to give our full support and loyalty to the decisions made by the Elders and the Church Meeting.
8. To be committed in attendance of all weekly activities of the Church especially Sunday Worship
9. To be an ambassador for Christ in our conduct in the Church and in the community.
10. To attend Church Meetings and vote on issues when called upon to do so.
11. To contribute responsibly and biblically to the financial upkeep of the Church.
12. To love, support and respect the Church leaders, recognising their great responsibility before the Lord.

I ___________________________________ accept my part in this Covenant.